In the mirror world of the Mogwais the downfall of the worlds has already began. An all-distorting darkness nourished by the vices of the worlds has taken over a large part of their living space.
Suppressed by the darkness, the mogwais transformed into evil and deceitful creatures.
In their viciousness they torment the souls of our ancestors on their last journey through the worlds.

But not all have succumbed to the evil force, still there are individuals who haven't been touched by the darkness.
Over a mystical cryptographical phenomenon an unknown relation was discovered.
Find a way to unite with the untouched mogwais to fight against evil darkness.

Book of Mogwai, Ch.8. "Bye bye, woof woof!"




The proccess of burning mogs
Is a complicated and unique way to impact the world of mogwais.
Once burned mogs are gone into the mirror world and can't be claimed back.
Each wallet address is associated with a unique mogwai soul.
Some souls might already be devoured by the darkness.
Keep your fingers away from them. There seems to be a threashold for intial soul binding.


There have been rumours about mogwais with great fellowship to their bound soul.

Fighting against the darkness with valour and devotion.
Some of them are seen with heroic appearance, leading legions of untouched mogwais into war against the devouring evil.


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How the Mood Meter works
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